Worthwhile with a few exceptions

Overall we had a good time staying at this Tanarika Hotel in Bhusawal . Rooms were well appointed and well maintained; facilities were very good including a nice swimming pool and Garden. Restaurants are good and reasonably priced leaving you with no reason to leave the premises other than for sightseeing or a quick visit to the nearby Ajanta Caves one of the finest Buddhist caves. The resort is centrally located and you are only a short drive away from the tourist attractions the region has to offer. In terms of the amenities this resort compares favorably with some of the mid range hotels that I’ve stayed in the US and the pricing is at par with those hotels. My only feedback to the management is for them to improve the house keeping/room service as it took more than 2 calls to the front desk for me to get things like additional coffee mugs or towels sent to my room. Another thing that the management should do is enforce some ground rules for the use of the pool or water park. It was really disgusting to see hotel patrons entering the water with their footwear on while the staff was simply looking the other way. Not only is this unsanitary but it’s not fair to other patrons using the facilities.


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