Ellora Caves – Gathering Of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Rock Cut Buckles

Ellora Caves

Presentation Ellora caves are a gathering of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain rock cut buckles likewise situated in the Indian condition of Maharashtra close Mumbai. Not at all like Ajanta holes, have these dependably stayed open to individuals.

Number of collapses the Ellora gathering are 34, out of which 12 are Buddhist caverns, 17 are Hindu and 5 are Jain holes. A portion of the Hindu hollows have been built at the most punctual when contrasted with different gatherings. Find Accommodation near Ellora Caves.

Design elements and ornamentation-Striking components of these hollows incorporate a 15 meters tall statue of Lord Buddha. This statue is arranged in cavern no. 10 that is there in the Buddhist gathering of holes. Likewise one all the more structurally praised highlight is the Kailasanatha sanctuary which is there in the Hindu gathering of hollows. This sanctuary was removed of an incredible rock and was for at some point was secured with white mortar to consummately take after Mount

Kailash-the home of Lord Shiva. Take in more about Ajanta and Ellora Cave Paintings.

These holes were pronounced as a World Heritage Site in 1983 when the first round of acknowledgment was finished by UNESCO in India. Find Accommodation near Ajanta Caves.


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