Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary – National Parks in Maharashtra Picnic Spots

Yawal2-Amazing Maharashtra

The Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Yawal Tehsil in the Jalgaon District of Maharashtra. The Sanctuary is 25 kilometers from the Raver Railway Station and it lies along the banks of the waterways Anner and Manjal that streams towards the nearby fringe of Madhya Pradesh. Find Accommodation near Jalgaon.

The Yawal untamed life Sanctuary has scenes of unique excellence. The Sanctuary is spread over a region of around 178 square meters and has an extraordinary assortment of verdure.

The real verdure found in the Yawal asylum incorporates Salai, Anjan and Teak trees.

The fauna here is extremely rich. The Sanctuary covers a wide range of warm blooded creatures, for example, Leopards, Tigers, Flying Squirrels, Sloth Bear, Deers, Sambars, Wolves, Blue Bull, Chinkara, Wild Dogs, and so on.

The flying squirrel gliding easily through the timberland shelter is an appealing sight here.


There is an old Forest Rest House at Langda Amba which was worked amid the British period.Yawal2-Amazing Maharashtra


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