Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi, Shegaon

anand sagar main gate

Shegaon is a residential area situated in Maharashtra on focal rail line from Mumbai to Nagpur. It is consecrated spot for the general population who put stock in the forces of Gajanan Maharaj, one of the holy people from advanced time. Aside from his Samadhi, Shegaon has few fascinating spots to visit; preeminent among them is Anand Sagar. Anand Sagar is a fake greenery enclosure with a vast lake focused in it. The fundamental fascination here is the impersonation of Vivekanand smarak arranged at the focal point of the man-made lake. It gathers aquarium, play grounds, far reaching gardens, and cafeterias. There is additionally a goliath outside theater where lovely wellspring shows are orchestrated at night.


Tanarika Resort near Shegaon is one of the biggest and 3 star resorts in Bhusawal.

This spot is a decent weekend trip and can be finished in 2 days easily (If you live in Maharashtra). A legitimate blend of family excursion and journey. Bhakt-niwas, lodges for travellers built by trust are of various sorts: monetary to extravagant.

Vivekanand Dhyan Gumfa (Meditation Center)

Step by step instructions to reach:

Shegaon is very much associated via train from Mumbai, Nagpur and Kolkatta. It is situated on NH-6 and along these lines all around associated with major Mahrashtrian urban communities by street also. From railroad station to sanctuary to Anand Sagar free transport administration is accessible.

I went to this spot long in 2005 amid one workshop I went to at Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering. Here are few photos I clicked with my Sony 3.2 super pixel camera. Video recording was then not permitted. There is little section charge and camera expense is exacted independently.


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