General Guest to Shegaon


I as of late went to Shegaon a month ago. The following is an outline of my encounters:

I have been a general guest to Shegaon since 10 years. As Shegaon railroad station has turned into an end for every one of the trains going through the district and has fabulous availability with significant urban areas like Mumbai and Nagpur, travelling to Shegaon has turned out to be simple. On achieving Shegaon in the morning I registered with the Bhakta Niwas. At around 8:30 I went to the principle sanctuary and took darshan at the sanctuary. In the wake of playing out the abhishek I was in the line for the darshan of the samadhi of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. As there was not a long line that specific day darshan was brisk and went off extremely well.

At around 11 we had aarti for 60 minutes in the other sanctuary. One thing truly praiseworthy about this sanctuary is the way the administration has kept up the sanctuary. There is a decent teach wherever to ensure that everything is done in an efficient fashion. There are volunteers of the sansthan who are occupied in always ensuring that the sanctuary is amazingly perfect. I would not dither to say that they are greatly respectful in assisting individuals and directing individuals to different parts of the sanctuary. Additionally in the principle part of the sanctuary where there is a territory saved for individuals to peruse the pothi there is outright quiet kept up at all times to see that the general population can supplicate in peace.

Outside the sanctuary yet inside the complex there are shops where festoons, prasad and different articles that can be offered are accessible. Once outside the complex there are a couple of lodgings where individuals can have dinners and sit tight. The accommodation near Shegaon where I stayed was the Bhakta Niwas. There are roughly five to six (don’t know the accurate number) Bhakta Niwas where individuals can remain. The rooms are to a great degree agreeable and extremely all around kept up considering the ostensible charge that the Bhakta Niwas charges. Indeed, even here there is a heavenly and devout environment where even the room attendants don’t acknowledge any sort of tips that is generally related in ordinary lodgings. The Bhakta Niwas where I was staying had an eatery offering different dishes.

The Sansthan at Shegaon has not just kept up the sanctuary complex and its surroundings extremely well but at the same time are included in different social exercises for the welfare of the general population. The sansthan has likewise assembled a gigantic park called “Anand Sagar”. This has a colossal water repository, a reflection corridor and various sanctuaries. The considerable size and the excellence of the spot guarantees that a man going to Shegaon ought to at least once visit Anand Sagar.

The Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj school offers designing projects in different trains and is one of the extremely understood universities in the locale.

General it has been a superb outing.


Other than Shegaon, Ajanta Caves is most famous travel destination in Maharashtra. [Ajanta Caves Accommodation]


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