Hospitality Services for Ministry of Tourism


The Tenders & Contracts Department at the Ministry of Tourism announces re-floating the following tender. Tendersontime, a leading business leading Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

Tender Subject Grade Tender
Document Price
Last date for obtainment

of tender

Last date of
Providing hospitality
services for the
Ministry’s office
building for 2017
Excellent RO 25/- 11/10/2016 19/10/2016


  • Specialized companies registered with the Tender Board may obtain the tender documents from the Tender Board’s e-tendering website.
  • Bids shall be submitted in compliance with the technical specifications and terms along with a local bank warranty at 1% of the tender value and valid for 90 days from the date of online submission. The original 1% warranty document shall be submitted one day before submitting bids at the Ministry’s Tenders & Contracts Department at the 2nd floor.

The Ministry shall not be bound to accept the lowest or any other bid.

For further details, please call on +91-9218088010, +91-9218540407 or email at or register on the website:

Tendersontime, the world’s Procurement Search Engine , would like to inform all interested firms, joint ventures and companies who participate in such projects, to use this opportunity and expand their business.


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